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Meredith Delany
25 December 2020 @ 09:16 pm
chicken hearts rudolph festival smitten
bare toast icicle hot chocolate bonfire
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Meredith Delany
02 March 2012 @ 12:49 am
Mere relaxed back against the log that they had pulled over, grinning as she watched the fire flicker in front of her. Her and her friends had decided to go out camping for the weekend, and, while peeing in the woods sucked hard, but otherwise she had been having fun.

“Couldn’t we have picked a warmer time to come to this?” Deanna asked, sitting down next to Mere on the log.

“If we had come out during a warmer time, we’d be eaten up by bugs,” Mere pointed out to her. “Besides, we got to watch your honey build a fire. I must say, watching Gabriel do much of anything is quite the fun experience.”

“Hey, that’s MY man,” Deanna said playfully, swatting at Mere’s arm. “Besides, you’ve got one of your own.”

“Hm, very true,” Mere said with a smirk. That she very much did.
Meredith Delany
24 February 2012 @ 11:58 pm
Mere groaned as she opened up her eyes. The sun was shining through a window and it was hitting her directly in her eyes. As much as she appreciated being able to be in the sun now, she really wished that it wasn’t hitting her right in the damn eyes.

She heard someone groan next to her, which caused her to open her eyes up wider, and then roll over to see who it was. Other than seeing that it was a male, she had no clue who it was. Lovely. She rolled over and looked up at the ceiling, only to realize that she wasn’t home, either.

“Fuck me,” she muttered, sitting up in the bed. Thankfully, her bed partner didn’t stir. He was cute, but, as she had no recollection as to what his name was or how they met (she had been drinking something powerful last night), she really didn’t want to get into awkward morning after banter.

After collecting her clothes and slipping them on, she managed to let herself out the front door. This stuff was getting old. She never thought that anonymous sex with hot people would get old, but damn if it was. It was annoying to wake up next to a person and not who they were. Something new needed to happen.
Meredith Delany
22 February 2012 @ 12:11 am
Mere usually spent all of her money on coffee at Chloe’s Sugar Shack, but today was different. She wasn’t exactly dying for the extra caffeine, as she’d been up for over twenty-four hours. Sure, hot chocolate still had plenty of sugar (and chocolate had some caffeine in it as well), but that was still better off for her in the long run.

She’d been up for so long because she had been doing a long term session in the recording studio. She had actually been up all night with Lucy, Chloe, and Kevin, coming in for some vocals to add to a song that they were working on. Lucy had written a song that required a female vocalist, and, instead of doing it herself, she’d actually asked Mere to do it. The song was about love, and she said that it would be extra weird if she had sang it with Kevin, as they were brother and sister. That would have been a little gross.

Mere had been extra happy when Lucy had asked her to come in. She knew that Lucy could have gotten just about anyone, after all. Also, while Mere was a great guitarist, she wasn’t as well known for her voice. It was good, but it wasn’t the screaming monster that Skylar was so well known for. It had warmed her heart a little for Lucy to ask her to come in.

Also, working with the honey was always hot.

So, she was nursing some hot chocolate before heading home. She figured it was better for her than coffee, anyway.
Meredith Delany
20 February 2012 @ 11:42 pm
“Hey, pass this forward.”

Someone had tapped Mere’s shoulder in class and passed her a note. She actually didn’t know the name of the boy that was sitting behind her. She knew that it was someone who was in her math class because he had skipped a year, but otherwise she didn’t know who it was.

Whomever it was hadn’t folded up the note very well, so, as she was holding it, she could see what was written. The boy had written FAR too much for her to do more than scan it, but she could see that he had written a lot of stuff that was basically professing his love to the blond at the head of the row.

Tapping the shoulder of the boy in front of her, she whispered to him to pass it up and handed him the note, but her mind had already flickered to the idea of wondering if she’d ever meet someone who would ever want to write so much stuff like that to her. She wasn’t really the ‘dating’ type, but every girl, deep down, occasionally wanted to be romanced like that.

She just didn’t expect it to happen to her any time soon. Or ever.

(OOC: Takes place at the beginning of Mere’s sophomore year of high school.))
Meredith Delany
19 February 2012 @ 10:13 pm
Always seeking the new and interesting: that had been Mere’s philosophy for years. Sure, she had been in relationships, but that didn’t mean that she wasn’t always looking for some new threshold to push past. She was usually chasing it in her personal life, as newness was something that she had always wanted, but she perused it in her music, too.

She was always writing lyrics or working on music. This was actually something that, as notoriously ‘TMI’ as she was, she didn’t share with just anyone. Despite loving playing in front of a crowd, she didn’t like doing the ‘creative process’ in front of just anyone. She had to trust a person to be willing to let them see her like that, and Mere had only trusted a handful of people in her life.

It was this that helped her learn that ‘new’ didn’t always mean ‘good.’ You couldn’t trust a person overnight, after all. Just because you were comfortable with a person didn’t mean that things had to be stale and boring, after all. Plus, there were so many different experiences that you could have with a person you trusted. She was just now learning that.
Meredith Delany
30 January 2012 @ 12:24 am
“Why are we shopping at a Goodwill? Can’t you afford, like, high fashion or something?”

That was the voice of Deanna ringing in her ears. “Just because I can afford it doesn’t mean that I want to spend that damn much,” Mere said back, arms buried in the wrack that she was looking through at the moment. “Besides, I’ve been dressing myself hot out of Goodwill for years, so why give it up now just because I can afford more?”

“God you’re such a cheap bitch,” Deanna said with a giggle. Even as she was complaining, though, she was also looking through stuff and grabbing a few choice items for herself. Luckily, even though they both liked to dress skimpy, their styles were completely different. Deanna’s was more cute or seductive when she was going that route, but Mere’s was a lot more rocker chick.

“Says the bitch who’s buying that so sexy mini skirt,” Mere pointed out, pulling out a pair of leather pants that was a size too big, but she was sure that she could get them tailored to fit her. She was going to get them cut extra low, too. Then they would be awesome.

“Told you this place rocked,” Mere said with a satisfied smirk.
Meredith Delany
11 January 2012 @ 06:34 pm
Mere admittedly sucked at commitment. She had a bit of a wandering eye and the need to always find something new. Of course, she also had deep seated fears that the person would leave her first. It frankly was something that had been proven a time or two. It all went back to her mother, and growing up seeing Jack, her father, wander from woman to woman, always seeking *something* and never being able to find it.

She’d had a bit of that as well. Her (first) break up with Ash had been messy as hell. Splitting with Deanna had been pretty much hell. She was sure she hadn’t lost her friend, but she had thought she wanted to be with her so BAD when maybe she just wanted to have Dee be better and thought that was the way to make it happen. SHE had been the bad person with Bray and Devon, and she had all but BEGGED Bray to take her back.

But maybe he was with the person he was supposed to be with now, as she was DAMN certain that she was with the person she was supposed to be with. The one, the only (except for maybe the occasional threesome with him and another girl), the forever. She was sure that she had never known something that instantly as she had with her first night with Kevin. He just instantly became…the end all that be all. She was even thinking of already asking him to move in, and THAT was nothing short of a damn miracle in of itself.
Meredith Delany
10 January 2012 @ 07:44 pm
It’s not that Mere didn’t like seeing her relatives. She was finding lately that she enjoyed spending some quality time with Piper, and her Uncle Jared was a nice enough man. She even really enjoyed spending tons of time with her father, Jack.

Now was NOT that time, though. Jack was knocking on her door, but she had KIND OF misplaced her clothes. “I’ll be there in a damn minute!” Mere screamed, trying to locate the shorts that she had been wearing. She finally located them, running to the front and answering the door.

Turns out that it was a quick visit, since he had just wanted to stop by and tell her about some special function going on at Avarice tonight. After talking for about fifteen minutes, she managed to get him out the door.

Walking back to her room, she breathed a sigh of relief. “OK, he’s gone,” she said with a grin.

Her boyfriend, Kevin, looked up at her from the bed. “Well that’s good. Now will you PLEASE take your clothes off again? We weren’t finished.”

Mere just laughed.